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OUR Curriculum

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes encourage the academic and personal success of the students while developing their intellectual curiosity, knowledge, their international awareness and determination. More than 4,000 educational establishments offer IB programmes. The IB Diploma is recognised by more than 2,000 universities in 75 countries and students holding IB diplomas have high admission rates to the best universities and are better prepared to succeed in higher education. Learn more about International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes


Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programmes prepare students for their future life by developing their curiosity and their love of learning. From primary to pre-university years, CIE programmes are recognised as excellent preparation for higher education and working life. More than 10,000 establishments in 160 countries are part of the Cambridge community. Learn more about Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programmes

OUR Languages

Royal International College is an English medium school with all subjects being conducted in the English.

We understand how important language is for a modern global world and how important it is for students to understand more than one language. With Equatorial Guinea being as the only Spanish speaking country in Africa, Spanish will also be a core language that is important in the school and taught to all students.
Other languages will be offered at the school including but not limited to French and Mandarin.

school's Early Years

Young students learn life through experiences, through play and interactions with each other and the environments that surround them. Early Years students construct meaning through testing and interacting, with people and things, and then make sense of the world around them. At Royal International College we see play as essential in supporting children learning and development. Play, can of course occur in an indoor or outdoor environment and provides a context for them to feel comfortable and express themselves as well as a way to satisfy their natural curiosity. Through play, children can learn in a variety of ways as they engage socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually with other students, children, adults and the environment. Play that occurs in a safe and secure environment allows children to try new things, take risks, solve problems and master learning situations. Teachers use these opportunities to reinforce social aspects such as character, caring for others, fairness and personal responsibility.

Pre Nursery Nursery Reception
Under 3 3-4 years old 4-5 years old
12 Students 12 Students 20 Students


The Royal International College primary programme includes both homeroom teachers and a range of specialist learning programs to provide a holistic learning experience for all students. Specialist learning will include: Music, Art, PE, IT, Spanish & French.
Our philosophy reflects Understanding by Design, UbD theories, that focus on “beginning with an end in mind”. We know that to maximise a students achievement, it is essential that we drive all planning towards common goals. Learning needs to be shaped within real life contexts and it needs to be meaningful and engaging for young adolescents.


At Royal International College, we deliver a rigorous and highly focussed curriculum that builds a large breadth of life skills in preparation for the adult world ahead. Students begin secondary by following a conceptually based middle school curriculum that prepares students for their chosen  pathway.
Students in Upper Secondary will follow the IB curriculum that is academically rigorous but also broad, allowing students to develop their strengths in preparation for specialisation in A-Levels or IB Diploma.